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GOLDEN Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Artificial Intelligence Platform for mine site monitoring


The "GOLDEN Artificial Intelligence Platform for mine site monitoring" was funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 and innovative programme under the grant agreement No 869398. The EU-co-funded GOLDENEYE project developed a platform to allow satellites, drones and in situ sensors to collect high-resolution data from an entire mine. These data, after processing, are converted into actionable intelligence to be used for safety, environmental observation, more efficient exploitation and increased extraction. The project combines remote sensing and positioning technologies to take advantage of Earth observation and Earth GNSS data together with data fusion and processing powered by data analytics and machine learning algorithms. The system was demonstrated in 5 field trials in Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Finland and Kosovo. 

The main objective of GOLDENEYE was developing the GOLDENAI platform which allows satellites, drones and in-situ sensors to collect high-resolution data of the entire mine, which can be processed and converted into actionable intelligence for safety, environmental monitoring and overall productivity, allowing more efficient exploration, extraction and closure.  

The GOLDENAI platform considers the ingestion of different data sources into a data cube representation for a given area of interest (AOI). The platform consists of two main components: the back-end (mentioned as 'OptOSS CLI (OCLI)' hereafter) and the front-end (mentioned as 'GOLDENAI GUI' hereafter). OCLI provides a pipeline that processes AI Knowledge Pack (AI KPs) and handles the data mining process. It involves automated modules for data acquisition, data preprocessing, image processing (e.g., denoising, edge detection, etc.), and AI processing. In particular, for a given area of interest (AOI), it first collects the related satellite data products from the DIAS services, Euro Data Cube (EDC), EOS or Supplier's API. Then, it prepares analysis ready data (ARD) by performing data cleaning, transformation and filtering. The GOLDENAI GUI acts as a general repository of data in Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG) format (processed from OCLI) which is straightforward to explore and exploit by the platform users. The GUI is an architectural approach for implementing a modern 2D and 3D visualization platform. It's powered by OGC web services and deliver EO, Drone (UAV) Sensing and Proximal Sensing data. This data could be interactively explored by the public and mine site owners, with different authentication and authorization access levels, in an easy, quick and efficient way as assisted by a conversational AI agent. 

The overall aim of GOLDENEYE was to support countries in implementing Innovative technologies for safe mining operations. The consortium includes a large industrial partner, 8 SMEs, 4 academic/research centres and 4 end-users, supported by a strong advisory board of experts in geosciences. 

Accessing the GOLDENAI GUI, please refer to the following link (login required): 

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