Published June 10, 2022 | Version v1
GEO-ECO Knowledge Package

Global Islands

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The Global Islands resource, produced by the U.S. Geological Survey, Esri, and The World Conservation Monitoring Center, is a 30 m base resolution, Landsat-derived, island polygons datalayer. The islands were derived from a 30 m global shoreline vector (GSV) that was produced from a semi-automated interpretation of every 2014 Landsat scene that contained a coastline. The islands were classed into three size categories: continental mainlands, big islands (> 1km2), and small islands (<1km2). These island polygons were then merged with an existing Global Islands Database from WCMC. The merged product contains approximately 370,000 islands, of which the approximately 22,500 islands in the big island class are named. In addition to the data, the Global Islands GEO Knowledge Hub also contains other knowledge products (publications, online explorer tools, etc.) related to the Global Islands resource.

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