GEO Knowledge Hub

The GEO Knowledge Hub (GKH) is a central cloud-based digital library providing access to Earth Observations applications developed by the GEO Work Programme Activities. The GEO Knowledge Hub It is part of the GEOSS Infrastructure and helps the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) to advance Open Knowledge.


The scope of the GKH is to promote the replicability and re-usability of EO Applications by sharing with the end users, all the Knowledge Resources essential to fully understand and re-use them. All knowledge resources of a registered EO application, will be openly shared, curated and organized into a Knowledge Package, including: (A) Research papers and reports describing methods and results; (B) Software algorithms and cloud computing resources used for processing; (C) In situ and satellite imagery data used and; (D) Results for verification.


Knowledge Packages and Knowledge Resources

Inside the GKH, the user will find EO applications organized in Knowledge Packages (KP) with all the necessary components (Knowledge Resources). All the Knowledge Resources are directly shared, curated and organized by the Knowledge to ensure replicability with proper documentation.

Each resource has its own page, with the related files and metadata, and every record is linked to a Knowledge Package, allowing the user to see how a particular record such as a dataset or a publication is part of an EO application. In the GKH, several formats and resource types may be retrieved, including the following:

Knowledge Package
Type Format archived in GKH Purpose
Text documents HTML, PDF, and DOC files Describe methods and results (non-peer reviewed)
Scientific papers PDF Describe methods and results (peer reviewed)
Software (self-contained) Jupyter-Notebooks, R/Python scripts and markdown files Executable and documented scripts to services that don't require API (e.g., AWS)
Software (API-dependent) Jupyter-Notebooks, R/Python scripts and markdown files Executable and documented scripts to services that require API (e.g., Google Earth Engine, Open Data Cube)
Links to software packages Github links
(with metadata and DOI)
Link to executable and documented scripts/algorithms
In situ data CSV, XLSX, TXT, SHP, NetCDF
(and other relevant types)
Description of ground samples
Link to in situ data Metadata with DOI Links to in situ data deposited in repositories (e.g. PANGEA)
Links to satellite data STAC (SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog) files and CEOS OpenSearch XML scripts Provides general description of sets of images stored in cloud services
Links to any other relevant data and/or products Metadata and other relevant formats Links to data used in the application which is not strictly from satellite or ground measurements
Videos MP4, AVI, MKV Describe methods, results, capacity development, talks

The user can perform thematic search e.g., “Human Settlements” or “Mercury Monitoring”, as well community-based search by GEO Work Programme activity e.g. GEOGLAM. It is also possible to search EO applications linked to the GEO engagement priorities, e.g., SDGs, Paris, Sendai or main international frameworks: e.g., Minamata Convention etc.

The User will be able to interact directly with the Knowledge provider, using the dedicated Question and Answers section to pose specific questions and receive dedicated guidance and support in the process of re-using the EO Application.

The users forum section of the GEO Knowledge Hub will allow great interactions between Users and Knowledge Providers with the result to amplify the impact of the EO Applications developed within the GEO Work Programme activities.


The GKH offers you a place where you can make your solution visible and available to the rest of the world, in an open-knowledge approach! To ensure long term discoverability of your work, you will be able to assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) and maintain it up to date with version management functionalities.

You are a member of a GWP activity or an EO expert and want to share an EO Application developed within your activity? You are in the right place! Please contact the GEO Knowledge Hub Team at the GEO Secretariat: secretariat@geosec.org.


Experts from the GEO community will use the GKH to share their work and make it easily reusable by others. The Communities feature of the GKH will help to organize the content of the EO applications around thematic areas such as GEO Work Programme activities, GEO engagement priorities and Global Policy Frameworks.

The providers, as active members of these communities will have the possibility to manage their knowledge and to curate the records before they are published. End-users will be able to find records that are linked to a specific community, to facilitate retrieval of information.

Finally, through the different communities, end-users will also have the possibility to ask questions directly to the providers and get help from them if they encountered problems with the application.