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Using the GEO Knowledge Hub is simple, free, and open to all members of the GEO Community. In this use, your experience is divided into two parts:

Discovery and use of Earth Observation applications

Based on the search and discovery functionality of the materials, in the GEO Knowledge Hub, you can find all materials from an Earth Observation application. With these materials, you can learn new concepts, use them in your projects, or even build new applications.

Sharing Earth Observation Applications

In addition to using the materials already available on the GEO Knowledge Hub, you can also share your Earth Observation applications and the associated materials. This way, other members of the GEO Community can learn, reuse, and advance what you are developing.

Getting started

To get started using the GEO Knowledge Hub, we recommend that you learn the main Concepts defined in the system. After learning the main concepts, refer to the links below based on your usage interests: