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GEO Knowledge Hub development

🚧Documentation under development

Thank you for your interest in the GEO Knowledge Hub. We would like to inform you that the documentation for the library is currently in its development phase. Our dedicated development team is working hard to create comprehensive guidelines to assist users in effectively utilizing the library's features.

As the documentation is still being developed, some pages may need to be completed or undergo revisions. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this process. We are committed to providing high-quality documentation to ensure a seamless user experience.

Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome to the development documentation section! In this section, you will find information on how to develop and install the GEO Knowledge Hub and resources for ongoing maintenance and improvement.

To help you get started, we've included installation guides that walk you through setting up the GEO Knowledge Hub from scratch. These guides cover everything from selecting the right software to configuring your system for optimal development experience.

In addition to installation guides, we provide Request For Comments (RFC) documents outlining best practices and standards for our development process.

We've also included onboarding documents that provide a comprehensive GEO Knowledge Hub technology overview to support developers in their work further. These documents cover data management, metadata standards, and user experience design, helping you build a technically sound and user-friendly feature.